Rugby resources for players, coaches and refs while you help flatten the curve

Player Home Workouts

Work out at your own risk. Please make smart decisions about space, surrounding furniture and objects, and footwear. BC Rugby is not responsible for any of the advice, instructions or content of the following resources.

At-home solo skills exercises are at your own risk. Please make smart decisions about space, surrounding furniture and objects, and footwear. BC Rugby is not responsible for any of the advice, instructions or content of the following resources.

Individual skills exercises are not cancelled! 

Examples of some skill areas you can be working on:

  • Catch Pass 
  • Kicking
  • Lineout Throws
  • Running Lines
  • Agility 

For some great skill based work outs you can visit Rugby Bricks for payment based programs and short video teasers and click on the programs tab.

Click on this link for an example of the kicking program, a great skill to perfect in isolation  

Check back soon for more ideas on what you can do at home to build your individual skills!

Game Analysis Basics: 

When we can't play we must watch! Watching rugby is a great way to increase your game knowledge and to enjoy yourself at the same time. If you want to take this to the next level here are some easy tips to build your game and positional knowledge through game analysis. 

Make sure you have pen and paper to take some notes! 

  • Spend some time watching a player in your position from set-piece through phases
  • Watch the game from one team's perspective focusing on their attack and focus on the other team's defence
  • Watch the game from one team's perspective on both attach and defence
  • What are some key areas where the winning team is being dominant?
  • What are some key areas where the losing team is struggling? 

Online video series and match replays

  • 24 Sevens - insight into behind the scenes on the HSBC 7s World Rugby Sevens Series
  • Rewatch Rugby Live - Watch World Rugby replay games on the official Rugby World Cup Facebook page and World Rugby’s YouTube channel.
  • England Rugby - Rising SonsFantastic, high-quality series on England’s journey to the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Watch here

  • England – The Next Level  - Production from England Rugby following preparation for the Six Nations campaign in 2020.  Watch here 

Laws of the Game:

Do you know all the laws of the game? Take the World Rugby Quiz here

Websites we recommend 

To keep up on the latest skill development, tips from top coaches and new ideas around coach and player relationships.




Rugby Canada

During these unprecedented times, Rugby Canada has hosted a series of webinars with members of the Canadian rugby community. Watch previous sessions here 

For information on upcoming sessions, click here

Canadian Sport Institute

Looking for more performance based learning? Check out the CSI Speaker Series to learn more about periodization, sport performance, coaching skills and more - here

Rugby Podcasts

Listen to former players of the game tell their experiential stories, or current coaches sharing the practices that got them to where they are today. Available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or your favourite podcast service.

  • Magic Academy
  • EggChasers Rugby Podcast
  • House of Rugby
  • Will Greenwood’s Rugby Podcast
  • The Rugby Pod
  • The Left Wing
  • Don’t Tell Me the Score
  • Player Development Project
  • Rugby Bricks Podcast
  • The Rugby Coaches Corner
  • The Talent Equation
  • Training Ground Guru
  • Talking Performance

As coaches, we love to be on the pitch and active. However, at this time we are not able to do that but that means there has not been a better time to complete online courses and certification. This is a necessary aspect of learning for many coaching opportunities and we highly recommend taking this time to get some certificates and online education completed. - Aaron Takel, Rugby Development Manager (Men/Boys)

The Locker - Coaching Association of Canada

Step 1: 

Sign up for or check-in on the Coaching Association of Canada - The Locker 

Step 2: 

Do any of the online free courses that are offered on the Locker. 

  • Safe Sport - Safe environments for coaches in players at all levels of the game 
  • Making Headway - Concussion Awareness and Management Certificate
  • NCCP Emergency Action Plan 

There are several other courses that are at a reduced cost during this time. 

NCCP home study program

The NCCP home study program is designed for coaches unable to attend anin-class coursedue to location, work or coaching schedule.  

Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to download the electronic coach workbook as well as the name and contact information for an accredited NCCP Learning Facilitator that has been assigned as your tutor. You will then complete a series of exercises in the workbook and submit it by email for marking to your assigned Learning Facilitator. Coaches must complete their course workbook within the 3 month deadline. 

View a full list of multi-sport NCCP modules here.  

Course Calendar here:  

Please note: Participants must be a minimum age of 14 to participate in multi-sport courses. Coaches under the age of 16 will be identified in the NCCP database as U16. Their training will be credited but certification cannot be completed prior to 16 years old. 

viaSport BC Resources

  • Canucks Autism Network: Supporting Positive Behaviour (click here, use code JSCAN-A2B3C4D) 
  • CAC Safe Sport Training - click here

BC Rugby Coaches Connection Newsletter

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Stay sharp with the latest technical & tactical content

Reading Attack &
Defence Patterns

Take a look at what tactics teams employ to break down defences or get the ball back. The video includes simple drills that you can do at home to practice reading where at how teams try to execute their tactics. You can access the training video here.

"Unlock the Game" Moments

6 BC Premier League Referees share their key learning moments of the 2019-2020 season. Take advantage of what they've picked up here.

Expected Outcomes:

Take a look at the key ingredients to quality of contest and quality of possession in rugby's most dynamic phase of play here.

Expected Outcomes:

From the set-up to the nearly 1800 Kg battle, learn to manage the ingredients that lead to success at scrum time here.

Expected Outcomes:
Phases of Possession

As pressure builds and momentum shifts teams are constantly competing for the upper hand from breakdown to breakdown. Check out a video drill that will sharpen your ability to view each phase of play from a contextual point of view here.

More rugby education content and video exercises 

A library of educational playlists are archived for easy access. Check out the BC Rugby Education YouTube channel.

On-field & Off-field resources 

A range of refereeing resources is available on BC Rugby's Referee Resources page.

Stay in Touch 

Video Clip Discussion: Coach-Logic Teamroom  

Stay in touch with the rugby and refereeing community by joining our Coach-Logic team room here. Please contact Chris Assmus ( to request your login information.

Stay Prepared

World Rugby
Passport Training  

Login to your World Rugby Passport account and get your Laws Exam, Rugby Ready and Concussion for General Public certificates prepared for next season - available here

Rugby Canada Past Webinars

  • Every session from the 2020 Rugby Canada webinar series! Watch here

Rugby Canada Upcoming Webinars 

  • Read more and register here

England Rugby Rising Sons: 

  • Fantastic, high-quality series on England’s journey to the 2019 Rugby World Cup. There are 17 or so episodes. 
  • You can get a feel of the preparation, hard-work and dedication it takes to perform at the highest levels and understand what a high-performance environment looks like. 
  • Watch here

England Rugby - The Next Level 

  • Production from England Rugby following the England men after their World Cup defeat and preparation for the Six Nations campaign in 2020. 
  • Watch here

Australia Women’s 7s Rugby - Hold Back the River  

  • A production out of the Australian Rugby Union, follow the Australian women’s 7s team after they made history at the 2016 Olympics.  
  • Another good one to understand high performance environments
  • Watch here

All Blacks - Isolation Nation 

  • New TV show airing on YouTube weekly highlighting New Zealand’s best female and male players and how they’re staying in shape, practicing and holding up during isolation. 
  • Watch here

World Rugby - 24Sevens 

  • A World Rugby production on the behind the scenes of World Sevens Series stops. 

HSBC - The Most Unbelievable Story in Rugby  

  • Inside the story of Fiji Rugby Sevens and how they won Fiji’s first ever Olympic medal. 

Other YouTube Channels: