Las Vegas Invitational - Day 2 Recap

March 03, 2018

Las Vegas, CA – March 2, 2018 – The second day of competition at the Las Vegas Invitational has finished and we've got a quick recap of how the BC Provincial Representative teams did.  You can see schedules for the competition HERE and we will keep you up to date with daily reports from the fields.

NextGen Sevens Women's Team - Sponsored by Marcon

After a challenging first day at the tournament, the NextGen Sevens Women's Team pulled together to produce some stronger performances on day two.  A narrow game against Stars Rugby kept everyone on the edge of their seats, but BC eventually won through.  This saw them advance to the Bowl Final in their Division where they met Chicago Lions.  By this stage the team had started to find there flow, playing confident, attacking rugby.  A comfortable 31-7 victory saw them win the Bowl Final and finish 5th in the Women's Elite 7s Division and finish with a 2-0-3 record.  Considering this was their first year stepping up into the top flight at this tournament, a commendable result and plenty to work towards next year.

NextGen Sevens Women 10 - 5 Stars Rugby

NextGen Sevens Women 31 - 7 Chicago Lions - Bowl Final

NextGen Sevens Women 5th in Elite 7s Division

Elite 7s Division Schedule

NextGen Men's Sevens Team - Sponsored by Marcon

It was a bright start for the NextGen Sevens Men's Team on day two of the LVI, securing a 15-5 win over Upright Rugby Blue in the Plate Quarter Final.  Up next were the US Army team and a fierce on-field battle commenced.  In a closely fought game, the teams were neck and neck until a final score by US Army snatched the game in the dying minutes.  It was a tough loss for the team who had hoped to progress further in the competition.  They will now turn their attention to the Vancouver Rugby Festival on March 8th &9th.  They finish the LVI tournament with a 2-0-3 record.

NextGen Sevens Men 15 - 5 Upright Rugby Blue

NextGen Sevens Men 12 - 19 US Army - Plate Semi-final 

Aces 7s Division Schedule

Elite Youth Sevens U18 Girls' Team - Sponsored by Onni

Having started the tournament with a hat-trick of wins, the Elite Youth Sevens Girls' U18 Team were in high spirits going into day two.  Their opening match was a comprehensive 34-5 victory over USA South Panthers, boosting their confidence in their ability to perform as a team.  Their Cup Semi-Final against Rugby Oregon Red Hawks was a dominant display of speed, skill and strength, keeping their opponents off the scoreboard while amassing 31 points of their own.  This meant the team qualified for the Cup Final with an unbeaten record.  However, standing in their way was Atlantis and here the team would find a tougher challenge than any of their previous matches.  A closely contested game saw just three tries scored, but unfortunately only one of them was in BC's favour.  While the team may feel disappointed at having come so close to lifting the trophy, a second place finish still improves on the 2017 tournament and a 5-0-1 record.  The players will now head into the U18 Nationals and Vancouver Rugby Festival at the end of next week, confident in their abilities after this tournament.

Elite Youth Seven's U18 Girls 34 - 5 USA South Panthers

Elite Youth Seven's U18 Girls 31 - 0 Rugby Oregon Red Hawks

Elite Youth Seven's U18 Girls 5 - 12 Atlantis - Cup Final

Elite Youth Sevens U18 Girls' 2nd in Girls HS Elite 7s Division

Girls HS Elite 7s Division Schedule

Elite Youth Sevens U18 Boys' Team - Sponsored by Onni

After a day of practice and watching from the sidelines, today it was the turn of the Elite Youth Sevens Boys' U18 Team to take to the field.  Their first match against Atavus was a bit of a wake-up call.  Despite their best efforts, they were unable to get on the scoreboard and had to concede a 0-22 loss.  However, the squad galvanised as they headed into their next match against Cobra Rugby.  A tooth and nail battle raged across the pitch but both sides were well matched against each other.  In the end, the difference came down to a conversion and BC doubtless felt as though victory never tasted so good.  In their last match of the day they faced EIRA 2, familiar opponents to some from the 2017 summer XVs matches between the two sides.  By this point, BC had found their stride and the scoreboard quickly rattled up in their favour.  Finishing the game 29-17, the Elite Youth Sevens Boys' U18 Team ended the day with a 2-0-1 record and will look to carry form into Saturday's matches.

Elite Youth Seven's U18 Boys 0 - 22 Atavus

Elite Youth Seven's U18 Boys 7 - 5 Cobra Rugby

Elite Youth Seven's U18 Boys 29 - 17 Eagle Impact Rugby Academy 2

Boys HS Elite 7s Division Schedule

Elite Youth Sevens U16 Girls' Team - Sponsored by Onni

Having seen the U18 Girl's start their tournament with a perfect run, the Elite Youth Sevens Girls' U16 Team were keen to show that they were just as capable of a strong run at the Las Vegas Invitational.  They began well, a comprehensive 43-0 win over Fallbrook providing a great confidence boost to start the day.  Their next match against Carson Colts was a much tougher affair, causing the team to dig deep and testing their resolve.  Colts eventually won the match 17-7.  Looking for a bit of retribution and keen to finish the day on a high, the team regrouped and took to the field against Celtic Barbarians Red.  This game was a runaway victory for the girls, pilling over the try line again and again, coming away 52-0 winners.  While not the perfect record they hoped for, it was a strong day for the U16 Girls' Team and they head into Saturday hopeful of more success.

Elite Youth Seven's U16 Girls 43 - 0 Fallbrook

Elite Youth Seven's U16 Girls 7 - 17 Carson Colts

Elite Youth Seven's U16 Girls 52 - 0 Celtic Barbarians Red

Girls U16 7s Division Schedule

Day three will see the U18 Boys' and U16 Girls' Teams move into the knockout phase of their respective divisions.

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