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What are 'Key Focus Areas'
Positive Rugby Definitions for Players & Coaches + Key Skills for Referees

Click here for downloadable Key Focus Areas map & video links



Set Piece

Foul Play

Breakdown: Click here for detailed KFAs

Space (Offside): Click here for detailed KFAs

Set Piece (Scrum & Lineout-Maul): Click here for  detailed KFAs

Foul Play (Dangerous & Unfair Play): Click here for detailed KFAs

What are Contextual Priorities?
Guidelines for making clear decisions that are easy to follow for players, coaches and spectators

Breakdown & Space 

Scrum & Lineout-Maul:
Click here for Contextual Priorities 

Foul Play:
Click here for Contextual Priorities

Tactical & Technical Videos

Below you can find an array of videos highlighting key areas for tactical and technical development for referees.  These videos can also be found in the Playlists on the BC Rugby Education YouTube Channel

Development Sessions

There are a number of additional sessions across the year, held throughout the Province, that are aimed at expanding your refereeing knowledge and sharpening skill sets.

So whether you are looking to update yourself on new best practice guidelines, or do some preparation before an upcoming tournament, check out the table below to see what opportunities will be taking place near you.

& Training Exercises

Preparation & Review Template

This is a tool that you can use to set goals for your next game and review your own performance afterward
- Click here to download the template

Position & Movement
Analysis Tool

This is a way you can analyse your positioning (or another referee's positioning) and how it impacts getting the best view of each phase of play.

Google Template

Microsoft Template

Expected Outcomes Training

This is training you can do between games. Download the file from the link below and use the tool to analyse your own or any game.

Microsoft Template

Google  Template

Video Review Platform and Clip Discussion Team Room

Contact to set up your Coach Logic account 

Red & Yellow Card Reports

Click the links below to download copies of the red & yellow card reports.

Availability & Gameday Guide

In order to be appointed to referee games, referees must enter their availability online. Gameday guidelines & protocols are also important to note.

Sportlomo Availability Declaration - Click Here

Gameday Guidelines & Protocols - Click Here



Annual Registration

Every year, referees need to ensure they complete certain pieces of admin to stay registered.  You can find all the necessary links below.

  • Rugby Ready - Click Here 
  • Annual Law Exam - Click Here 
  • World Rugby Concussion Awareness - Click Here 
  • Referee Registration & Insurance - Click Here 
  • Recertification for Level 1 - Click Here
    • A Level 1 certification lasts for 3 years.  Unless you progress to do your Leve 2 qualification, all referees MUST recertify every three years.