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To develop, support and track rugby players within BC through the provision of world class coaching, training and analysis. To provide Rugby Canada with up-to-date data on all Academy identified athletes.

Established in 2006 in conjunction with Rugby Canada, for talented junior rugby players identified as potential, future National Team players. Each season, a new intake of Provincial level U16 athletes is added to the program. The Academy program is linked directly to LTAD (Long-Term Athlete Development) principles and offers its members core skill training as well as a variety of enhancement programs with Rugby Canada national coaches and Professional Sport Consultants, designed for educating and developing the potential national team player. The Academy program does not field a specific competing team.

The Academy program is a vital part of the athlete development pathway, it also provides opportunities for the athletes to been seen more frequently by National coaches and selectors.

Coaches and Facilitators
The Academy program is trained and facilitated by some of the top professional coaches and trainers in Canada,. All have been, or are currently involved in Rugby Canada National programs. These include:

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    Shane Thompson                Tony LaCarte        
        Conan Cooper        
     Tom Luke      
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Curry Hitchborn Dave Brown Kris De Scossa Dean Murten

and other specialist guest coaches.


What does the Academy Provide?
The Academy provides a holistic understanding as to how the individual can achieve his/her potential as an individual, an athlete and a rugby player.

The Academy program provides for the following:

  • Core skill technical development
  • Tactical and strategic decision making
  • Individual player tracking and evaluation
  • Player tracking between Rugby Canada and BC Rugby
  • Video analysis
  • Monitored Conditioning programs
  • Performance enhancement workshops on fitness, core stability, flexibility, nutrition, sports psychology, time management and organization
  • Athletic screening and monitoring


Academy Successes
Numerous BC Rugby Academy attendees have gone on to represent BC and Canada’s senior teams including Harry Jones, Nate Hirayama, plus other members of the BC Bears, National 7’s and Senior XV’s.

For more information about the CDI High Performance BC Rugby Academy, contact

Dean Murten
Performance Development Manager
BC Rugby
778 847 2466

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