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 The 2015 PRC's, from Burnaby Lake Sports Complex.

Weekend #1 (June 27 & 28) featured U14, U15 and U16 teams.
Weekend #2 (July 4 & 5) featured U17 and U18 teams.


Weekend #1

Congratulations to the division winners:

U16 Boys - Vancouver North
U16 Girls - Fraser Valley
U15 Boys - Vancouver North
U14 Boys - Fraser Valley East

For full scores from weekend #1, click here.


Weekend #2, Day 1 Scores:

Tide 56-5 Vancouver North

Tsuanami 43-0 Vancouver N/W/E
FVRU 30-5 Vancouver South
Tsunami 21-3 Thompson Okanagan
Fraser Valley 37-0 Vancouver N/W/E
Vancouver South 10-14 Thompson-Okanagan

Vancouver South - 27-7 FVRU West
Tsunami 39-0 Thompson-Okanagan
Vancouver North 20-0 VIRU South
FVRU East 23-14 Vancouver West
Tsunami 10-5 Fraser FVRU West
Vancouver South 39-0 Thompson-Okanagan
Vancouver North 19-17 Vancouver West
Fraser Valley East 45-0 VIRU South

 Weekend #2, Day 2 scores:

U17 M
Vancouver North 5-56 Island Tide

U18 W
Fraser Valley 24-5 Thompson Okanagan
VIRU North 26-12 Vancouver South
Vancouver NWE 0-34 Vancouver South
Vancouver NWE 0-24 Thompson Okanagan
Gold medal - VIRU North 12-15 Fraser Valley

U18 M
Vancouver West 27-5 VIRU South
Vancouver North 11-23 Fraser Valley East
VIRU North 3-16 Vancouver South
Fraser Valley West 20-0 Thompson Okanagan

7 / 8 - VIRU 29-3 Thompson-Okanagan
5 / 6 - Vancouver West 12-17 FVRU West
Bronze medal - VIRU North 12-0 Vancouver North
Gold medal - Fraser Valley East  11-8 Vancouver South

Click here for archived footage from PRC games on July 4, June 28 and June 27
Archive footage from July 5 games coming soon.



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