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clientuploads/-Photos_NewsandEvent_Articles/RefCoach/2012-13/BC Rugby Coaching Log.pngAs you embark or continue on your coaching experience you will be faced with a number of responsibilities ranging from running the practice sessions to filling up water bottles for your players. Without question, one of the most important concerns you will have is organizing your practice sessions. Once you are organized effectively you will begin to coach more effectively.
This coaching log was designed to assist coaches in the organization of their sessions, the planning of their overall seasonal objectives, the analysis and self-evaluation of sessions which they conducted and the recording of general information which will help to build up their coaching knowledge and base for future years in this rewarding field.
There are also more practical considerations involved in the completion of a detailed coaching record. Over the years, you will be able to look back on sessions that worked well, on your  organizational content and your coaching methods, and then use this information as a basis for planning present programs.
And, as a requirement of the NCCP system and Rugby Canada, you will be requested, for the completion of the Introduction to Competition Course, to show examples of your coaching methodology and experience to pass the competency component of the course.
For all coaches, and particularly those who aspire to higher-level involvement, conscientious planning is one of the keys to effective coaching. This log will assist you in the development of solid organizational and recording skills and habits.
This Coaching Log is designed to assist new coaches in planning and organising Practices for a 3 month playing period. It provides template plans for a one month pre-season and a 14 game season Schedule. It includes sections on the following:

  • Planning a Practice and Planning for a Season
  • Coach Profile
  • Team Personnel
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Team Schedule
  • Pre-season Practice Plans
  • Seasonal Practice Plans
  • Game Sheets
  • Evaluations
  • Simple Game Stat Collection Sheets

Note: The information in this Coaching Log should be supplemented by the resources from the Rugby Canada Introduction to Coaching Context Course. The Log can also be used for evaluation in the Certification process for Introduction to Competition Context Courses.

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