ROSTERS ADDED Vancouver, Fraser Valley set to face off in McKechnie Cup decider
BC Rugby Cups Competitions Round Three Preview
Published Friday, June 13, 2014 1:00 pm
by Andrew Smith, BC Rugby Communications

LANGLEY, BC - Vancouver and Fraser Valley’s senior men’s representative teams will scrum down on Saturday afternoon in a match that will determine the 2014 McKechnie Cup title. Both sides have defeated Vancouver Island Crimson Tide in the first two rounds of competition, setting up a series decider at Langley’s Crush Crescent Park.

Defending champions Fraser Valley haven’t lost a match since the competition was brought back in 2013. First contested for in 1896, the McKechnie Cup is an inter-union competition played between Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island. The competition is used as a selection platform, filling the gap between club and provincial rugby. This year’s competition is being used as the final selection tool ahead of the BC Bears tour to Argentina and Uruguay in July.

BC Rugby Cups Competitions
Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014
Vancouver at Fraser Valley
Location: Crush Crescent (21280 Crush Crescent, Langley)
Kickoff Times:
11:00am (Women’s) Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup
1:00pm (Men’s Under-20) Dunbar Keg
3:00pm (Men’s) McKechnie Cup

Vancouver jumped out to an early lead versus Vancouver Island on June 7th, but saw the visitors run in three late tries in a 25-22 nail-biter. Caleb Hansen (Vancouver Rowing Club) scored two tries and Sean Ferguson (UBC Thunderbirds) also went over to score. Bryan Tyrer’s (UBC Thunderbirds) boot proved the difference as he notched two conversions and a pair of penalties in the win. It wasn’t the most polished performance but it was enough for Vancouver to get the win in their first outing as a full squad.

“When we moved the ball wide and played with a high tempo, I thought we looked good,” said Vancouver head coach Dean Murten. “When we lost Connor Hamilton (Canada U20 Captain) early in the game it disrupted the line out. I would like to see that improve along with our contact skills. The biggest part of the game that we must get better at is getting off the line and making some tackles.”

Vancouver will face the defending champs on Saturday, a team dotted with provincial team reps who featured recently in BC’s 125th Anniversary Fixture versus Canada on May 31.

“The Valley will have some big, strong ball carriers, so we must come forward and close down the time and space,” Murten added. “They have a great pack and a back line that will score tries if we don’t apply pressure.”

Fraser Valley could see the return of BC reps Anthony Luca (Burnaby Lake RC), Scott MacKay (Burnaby Lake RC), Admir Cejvanovic (Burnaby Lake RC), and Joe Dolesau (Burnaby Lake RC) who were all unavailable for their May 25th opener.

A win for Vancouver this weekend would see the rep program lift the McKechnie Cup for the first time since 2001. Fraser Valley are currently two-time defending champions.

Saturday’s triple-header will get underway at 11:00am with a Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup senior women’s clash at Crush Crescent. Like the U20 Dunbar Keg, the women’s competition has already seen Vancouver Island crowned provincial champs on June 7th. The U20 clash is set for 1:00pm with the McKechnie Cup title decider set for 3:00pm.

June 14 Match Officials:
McKechnie: Ref Sherry Trumbull, AR’s Mike Jones and Trevor Honey
Ruth Hellerud-Brown: Ref Jivian Dhaliwal, AR’s Nia Parsonage and Sean Dingley
Dunbar Keg U20: Ref Mike Jones, AR’s Trevor Honey and Sean Dingley

June 7 Cups Results:
McKechnie Cup (Senior Men): Vancouver Island 22 - 25 Vancouver
Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup (Senior Women): Vancouver Island 43 - 20 Vancouver
Dunbar Keg (Under-20 Men): Vancouver Island 12 - 7 Vancouver

May 25 Cups Results:
McKechnie Cup (Senior Men): Fraser Valley 29 - 16 Vancouver Island
Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup (Senior Women): Fraser Valley 12 - 24 Vancouver Island
Dunbar Keg (Under-20 Men): Fraser Valley 12 - 78 Vancouver Island


Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup - Senior Women

1. Carolyn McEwen (Burnaby Lake RC), 2. Lauren Tagg (Burnaby Lake RC), 3. Iona Schamberger (Burnaby Lake RC), 4. Shelby Sloan (Burnaby Lake RC), 5. December Turcato-Woodward (SFU), 6. Gabrielle Hindley (Burnaby Lake RC), 7. Demi Stamatakis (SFU), 8. Sara Byers (SFU), 9. Christina Burnham (SFU), 10. Catherine Ohler (Burnaby Lake RC), 11. Ciara Malone (Burnaby Lake RC), 12. Kasia Laczny (SFU), 13. Jessica Harvey (Capilano RFC), 14. Julie Plummer (SFU), 15. Annie Arnott (Burnaby Lake RC)
Reserves: 16. Shannon Fedewa (Burnaby Lake RC), 17. Nicole Wallace (SFU), 18. Megan Banford (SFU), 19. Shayna Slobin (UBC), 20. Karly Reum (SFU), 21. Shantel Hightwower (SFU), 22. Fran Whiffin (Capilano RFC)
Staff: Head Coach Walt Brandl, Assistant Coaches Maria Gallo and Corinne Jacobsen, Manager Erin Agostini

Fraser Valley
1. Sophie Towne (Ridge Meadows), 2. Ruth Desterke (Ridge Meadows), 3. Cynthia Chang (United RC), 4. Alicia Noger (Abbotsford RFC), 5. Stephanie Janum (Ridge Meadows), 6. Kalea Nokleby (Kamloops RC), 7. Nicole Lyons (United RC), 8. Tovery Diener (Bayside AA), 9. Larissa Chatt (Ridge Meadows), 10. Shannon Craig (United RC), 11. Lindsay Hill (Ridge Meadows), 12. Dawne Carver (Ridge Meadows), 13. Jodie Cornell (Bayside AA), 14. Lisa O’Neill (United RC), 15. Rachel Craig (Bayside AA)
Reserves: 16. Sonja Foulds (Abbotsford RFC), 17. Jacqueline Laidler (United RC), 18. Andrea Temple (Bayside AA), 19. Tanya Leigh (Bayside AA), 20. Olivia Burns (Bayside AA), 21. Paige Smith (Bayside AA), 22. MacKenzie Folwer (Abbotsford RFC)
Staff: Head Coach Scott Tindall, Manager Gio Lam

Dunbar Keg - Men’s Under-20

1. Harry Parkins, 2. Tryston Clironomos (UBCOB Ravens), 3. Neil Courtney (UBC), 4. Joe Britt (Capilano RFC), 5. Riley Fergus (UBC), 6. Jacob Ikeda (UBCOB Ravens), 7. Joshua Schreiber (UBC), 8. Connor Weyell (UBC), 9. Spencer Gordon-Miller (UBC), 10. Timothy Mitchell (Capilano RFC), 11. Karsten Leitner (UBC), 12. Cody Pittman (Capilano RFC), 13. Nathan Yanagiya (UVic Vikes), 14. Matt Law (UBCOB Ravens), 15. Connor McRae (ASU / Capilano RFC)
Reserves: 16. Oliver Smith (UVic Vikes), 17. Chris O’Neill (Capilano RFC), 18. Reid Tucker (UVic Vikes), 19. Virinder Singh (Brit Lions), 20. Austin Karius (Capilano RFC), 21. Ben Bethune (Queen’s), 22. Jack Rainer (UVic VIkes)
Staff: Head Coach Curry Hitchborn, Assistant Coaches Rameses Langston, Chris Robinson and Alaisdair Hamilton, Manager Connie McGinley

Fraser Valley

1. Taylor Howes (Bayside AA), 2. Jacob Collins (United RC), 3. Gurtaran Dhesi (Richmond RFC), 4. Anton Belozerov (Langley RC), 5. Elijah Reeves-Tigunov (Abbotsford RFC), 6. Dan Squires (Langley RC), 7. Jari Hyvarinen (United RC), 8. Cole Mosychuk (Kelowna Crows), 9. Blake Chernoff (United RC), 10. Solomon Puckey (Chilliwack Crusaders), 11. Tyler Johnson (Surrey Beavers AA), 12. Wayne Larson (Burnaby Lake RC), 13. Aaron Solomonz (Surrey Beavers AA), 14. Matthew Morice (United RC), 15. Riley Johnson (Surrey Beavers AA)
Reserves: 16. Ruben Solis (Burnaby Lake RC), 17. Kyle Tremblay (Surrey Beavers AA). 18. Judah Ratzlaff (Abbotsford RFC), 19. Jason Kim (Abbotsford RFC), 20. Alex Parkinson (Abbotsford RFC), 21. Keegan Carson (Abbotsford RFC), 22. Vishaal Kumar (Burnaby Lake RC)
Staff: Head Coach Rob Hayes, Assistant Coach Michael Collins, Manager Stu Morrison .


McKechnie Cup - Senior Men

1. Garrett Garbe (UBCOB Ravens), 2. Alex Mascott (UBC), 3. Evan Marshall (Capilano RFC), 4. David Balcolm (UBCOB Ravens), 5. Josh Clarke (Meraloma), 6. Peter Chauvel (Vancouver Rowing Club), 7. Calum Morrison (UBCOB Ravens), 8. Alex Boyd (Meraloma), 9. Jorden Sandover-Best (UBC), 10. Bryan Tyrer (UBC), 11. Caleb Hansen (Vancouver Rowing Club), 12. Brock Staller (UBC), 13. Francois DuToit (UBC), 14. Kevin Gurniak (Vancouver Rowing Club), 15. Sean Ferguson (UBC)
Reserves: 16. Christopher Seyler (Vancouver Rowing Club), 17. Dimitri Gotsopoulos (UBCOB Ravens), 18. Scyler Dumas (Vancouver Rowing Club), 19. James Pitblado (UVic Vikes), 20. Matthew Cheong (UBC), 21. Henry Recinos (Vancouver Rowing Club), 22. Adam Zaruba (Capilano RFC)
Staff: Head Coach Dean Murten, Assistant Coach Pat Fleck, Manager Judy Lam

Fraser Valley
1. Ryan Ackerman (Burnaby Lake RC), 2. Andrew Lackner (Burnaby Lake RC), 3. Scott MacKay (Burnaby Lake RC), 4. Craig McLaughlin (Burnaby Lake RC), 5. Nathan Mantle (Burnaby Lake RC), 6. Rich Pearce (Langley RC), 7. Scott Plummer (Burnaby Lake RC), 8. Gurvinder Kalar (Burnaby Lake RC), 9. Cody Rockson (Burnaby Lake RC), 10. Geoff Ryan (Burnaby Lake RC), 11. Brian Murphy (Burnaby Lake RC), 12. Jeke Gotegote (Burnaby Lake RC), 13. Adam Timler (Bayside AA), 14. Barry Bonnell (Burnaby Lake RC), 15. Evan Thomas (Burnaby Lake RC)
Reserves: 16. James Kelly (Surrey Beavers AA), 17. Micha Govorchin (Burnaby Lake RC), 18. Jared Douglas (Abbotsford RFC), 19. Ryan McHollister (Burnaby Lake RC), 20. Rain De Guzman (Burnaby Lake RC), 21. Joe Dolesau (Burnaby Lake RC), 22. Admir Cejvanovic (Burnaby Lake RC)
Staff: Head Coach Kris de Scossa, Assistant Coach Angel Cividanes, Manager Gio Lam, Medical Sasha Maslob


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