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BC Rugby Weekend Schedule: Nov 16-17, 2013
Published Friday, November 15, 2013
by Andrew Smith, BC Rugby Communications


Canadian Direct Insurance Premier League - Sat. November 16th:
Burnaby Lake at Vancouver Rowing Club (Brockton Oval) 2:30pm
Castaway Wanderers at Meraloma (Connaught Park) 2:30pm
UVic VIkes at UBCOB Ravens (Jericho Park) 2:30pm
James Bay AA at Capilano RFC (Klahanie Park) 2:30pm

Ceili's Cup League - Sat. November 16th:
Burnaby Lake at Vancouver Rowing Club (Brockton Oval) 12:45pm
Castaway Wanderers at Meraloma POSTPONED
UVic Norsemen at UBCOB Ravens (Jericho Park) 12:45pm
James Bay AA at Capilano RFC (Klahanie Park) 12:45pm

Okanagan Spring Brewery League One - Sat. November 16th:
UBC Thunderbirds at Langley RFC (Crush Crescent) 2:30pm
UBCO Heat at United Rugby Club (Hume Park) 2:30pm
Surrey Beavers AA at Richmond RFC (King George Park) 2:30pm
Kamloops Rugby Club at Seattle RFC (Seattle) 2:30pm
Abbotsford RFC at Bayside AA (South Surrey Athl Park) 2:30pm

Okanagan Spring Brewery League Two - Sat. November 16th:
UBC  at Langley RFC (Crush Crescent) 1:00pm
Kelowna Crows at United Rugby Club (Hume Park) 1:00pm
Surrey Beavers AA at Richmond RFC (King George Park) 1:00pm
Kamloops Rugby Club at Seattle RFC (Seattle) 1:00pm
Abbotsford RFC at Bayside AA (South Surrey Athl Park) 1:00pm

Lower Mainland Third Division - Sat. November 16th:
CUP SEMIFINAL: Scribes at Kats (Balaclava) 1:00pm
CUP SEMIFINAL: Burnaby Lake at Capilano-B (Klahanie Park) 11:30am
PLATE SEMIFINAL: Chilliwack at Brit Lions-A (John Oliver Park) 1:00pm
PLATE SEMIFINAL: Capilano-A at Abbotsford RFC (CFV Exhibition) 11:30am
BOWL SEMIFINAL: Surrey Beavers at Brit Lions-B (John Oliver Park) 11:30am
BOWL SEMIFINAL: Mountain Old Boys at Vancouver Rowing Club (Brockton Oval) 11:30am
SHIELD SEMIFINAL: Richmond RFC at Ridge Meadows (Thomas Haney) 1:00pm
SHIELD SEMIFINAL: UBC Bye to Shield Final round

Vancouver Island First Division - Sat. November 16th:
COWICHAN CUP: Velox Valhallians at Cowichan (Cowichan) 2:30pm
COWICHAN CUP: Nanaimo Hornets at Port Alberni (Port Alberni) 1:00pm

Vancouver Island Third Division - Sat. November 16th:
Velox RFC at Cowichan (Cowichan) 1:00pm
Sun. Nov 17th: Nanaimo at Powell River (Powell River) 1:00pm



Women's Lower Mainland Tier One - Sat. November 16th:
Bayside AA at Mudhens (South Surrey Athl Park) 11:30am
Burnaby Lake at United Rugby Club (Hume Park) 11:30am
Kamloops at Seattle RFC (Seattle) 11:30am
EXHIBITION: Velox Valkyries at Capilano RFC (Klahanie Park) 11:30am

Women's Lower Mainland Tier Two - Sat. November 16th:
Meraloma 5 - 0 SFU SFU DEFAULT
Kelowna 0 - 5 Ridge Meadows KELOWNA DEFAULT
United Rugby Club 0 - 5 Abbotsford RFC UNITED DEFAULT
UBCO Heat at Brit Lions (John Oliver Park) 12:30pm

Vancouver Island Senior Women - Sat. November 16th:
UVic Vikes at Nanaimo Hornets (May Bennett) 11:30am

Women's Under-18 - Sun. November 17th:
MAINLAND SEMIFINALS: Richmond/Brit Lions 0 - 5 no.1 Abbotsford-1 BRITS DEFAULT
MAINLAND SEMIFINALS: no.3 Bayside at no.2 Abbotsford-2 (CFV Exhibition) 1:00pm
ISLAND SEMIFINALS: no.4 Castaway Wanderers at Cowichan (Cowichan Rugby Club) 11:30am
ISLAND SEMIFINALS: no.3 Velox Valkyries at no.2 Comox Kickers (Cumberland Village Park) 1:00pm



Men's Under-20 - Sat. November 16th:
Capilano RFC at UBC (Wolfson Fields) 10:00am

Lower Mainland U19 Men - Sat. November 16th:
TIER 1: Bayside 5 - 0 Abbotsford ABBOTSFORD DEFAULT
TIER 1: UBCOB Ravens at Capilano RFC (Klahanie Park) 10:00am
TIER 2 PLAYOFFS: no.6 SFU at no.3 Surrey (Sullivan Heights)
TIER 2 PLAYOFFS: no.5 Richmond at no.4 Kelowna (Parkinson Rec)
Bye weekend United Rugby Club
Bye weekend Langley

Lower Mainland U17 Men - Sun. November 17th:
TIER 1: Abbotsford at Bayside (South Surrey Athl Park) 12:30pm
TIER 1: Capilano-1 at UBCOB Ravens (Jericho Park) 12:30pm
TIER 2: Brit Lions/Langley/Surrey at Chilliwack (Yarrow) 12:30pm
TIER 2: United at Richmond/Burnaby (John Oliver Park) 12:30pm
U16: Bayside at Capilano RFC (Klahanie Park) 12:30pm

Lower Mainland U15 Boys - Sun. November 17th:
SEMIFINALS: Surrey at Abbotsford (CFV Exhibition) 11:15am
SEMIFINALS: Capilano at Bayside (South Surrey Athl Park 11:15am

Island U18 Men - Sun. November 17th:
Velox Valhallians at Castaway Wanderers (Windsor Park) 2:30pm
Nanaimo Hornets at Comox Kickers (Cumberland Village Park) 2:30pm

Island U16 Boys - Sun. November 17th:
Cowichan at Velox Valhallians (Velox RFC) 1:00pm


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