2013 July B2GOLD PRCs - U16 Men Day 2 Recap and Results
TrueBlue U15 Team Remains Undefeated to win Pool B; Vancouver North Rebounds to Win Pool A
Published Saturday, July 6, 2013
by Randy Neville

(Pool A) Fraser Valley East 43 - 0 Cariboo Coast     
(Pool B) Vancouver West 12 - 21 TrueBlue U15 Provincial Team     
(Pool A) Vancouver East 5 - 19 Vancouver Island North Tsunami     
(Pool B) Vancouver Island South Tide 20 - 5 Fraser Valley Central      
(Pool A) Vancouver North 19 - 5 Fraser Valley East     
(Pool B) Fraser Valley West 17 - 10 Vancouver West     
(Pool A) Cariboo Coast 0 - 27 Vancouver East     
(Pool B) TrueBlue U15 Provincial Team 27 - 0 Vancouver Island South Tide     

Final Round Robin Standings:

Pool A
1. 16 pts (3-1) Vancouver North
2. 15 pts (3-1) North Vancouver Island Tsunami
3. 14 pts (3-1) Fraser Valley East
4. 5 pts (1-3) Vancouver East
5. 0 pts (0-4) Cariboo Coast

Pool B
1. 20 pts (4-0) TrueBlue U15 Provincial Team
2. 15 pts (3-1) Fraser Valley West
3. 11 pts (2-2) Vancouver West
4. 5 pts (1-3) Vancouver Island South Tide
5. 0 pts (0-4) Fraser Valley Central

Sunday, July 7th - Placement Matches:

9:20am Semi Final: TrueBlue U15 Provincial Team vs North Vancouver Island Tsunami [field 1]   
9:20am Semi Final: Vancouver North vs Fraser Valley West [field 2] 
10:10am Fraser Valley East vs Vancouver Island South Tide [field 1]
10:10am Vancouver East vs Vancouver West [field 2]   
10:10am Cariboo Coast vs Fraser Valley Central [field 3]  
11:50pm 9th: Runner-up G25 vs *Worst Record of Runner-up G23/24  
11:50pm 7th: Winner G25 vs *Best Record of Runner-up G23/24  
12:40pm 5th: Winner G23 vs Winner G24
1:30pm Bronze Final: Runner-up G21 vs Runner-up G22  
2:10pm Final: Winner G21 vs Winner G22


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