Vancouver and Fraser Valley announce rosters for Cups Competitions round three
Published Friday, February 15, 2013
by Andrew Smith, BC Rugby Communications

clientuploads/-Photos_NewsandEvent_Articles/REP Rugby/Cups Competitions/WEB-Jordan-Harvey-Vancouver-U20.jpgJordan Reid-Harvey will start at no. 8 for Vancouver's U20s (Glenn Ivens Photo - gallery link)

VANCOUVER - The Vancouver and Fraser Valley Rugby Unions have announced their rosters for round three of the 2013 BC Rugby Cups Competitions to take place at Brockton Oval on Saturday, February 16th.

All three cups will be decided by tomorrow's results with the Fraser Valley men and women closing in on the McKechnie and Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cups. Vancouver's women's side have a bonus point, however, and a win tomorrow could still see them lift this year's provincial championship. In the Under-20s division, a win for Vancouver would see the Wave lift the Dunbar Keg at Brockton Oval.


BC Rugby Cups Competitions - Sat. February 16th at Brockton Oval, Vancouver:
11:00am: Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup (Sr Women) - Fraser Valley at Vancouver
1:00pm: Dunbar Keg (U20 Men) - Fraser Valley at Vancouver
3:00pm: McKechnie Cup (Sr Men) - Fraser Valley at Vancouver

RECENT RESULTS (Jan 26, 2013)
Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup - Vancouver Island 17, Vancouver 10
Dunbar Keg - Vancouver Island 27, Vancouver 34
McKechnie Cup - Vancouver Island 33, Vancouver 13

RECENT RESULTS (Feb 2, 2013)
Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup - Fraser Valley 36, Vancouver Island 10
Dunbar Keg - Vancouver Island 47, Fraser Valley 12
McKechnie Cup - Fraser Valley 25, Vancouver Island 7



Fraser Valley Senior Women
1 Kayla van Veld (Abbotsford); 2 Sonya Foulds (Abbotsford); 3 Meghan Chambers (Abbotsford); 4 Laura Foreman (Bayside); 5 Robyn Chrosciewicz (Bayside); 6 Jozefina Kola (United); 7 Crystal 'Pixie' Nikolai (United); 8 Kimberley Stockman (United); 9 Elyssa Phillipson (Abbotsford); 10 Shannon Craig (United); 11 Alicia Guerin (United); 12 Tanya Leigh (Bayside); 13 Emily Young (Kamloops); 14 Lisa O'Neill (United); 15 Rachel Craig (Bayside)
16 Cynthia Chang (United); 17 Nicole Lyons (United); 18 Elysia Saundry (United); 19 Shay Paterson (Abbotsford); 20 Yvone Lai (United); 21 Yuka Kubota (Abbotsford); 22 Tenaia Gatland (Bayside)
Coach Steph Murphy; Coach Kyle Ferguson; Manager Jen Ross

Vancouver Senior Women
1 Carolyn McEwen (Burnaby Lake/UBC); 2 Kim Donaldson (Burnaby Lake); 3 Demi Stamatakis (SFU); 4 Abby Goodwin (Burnaby Lake); 5 December Turcato-Woodward (SFU); 6 Jessica Firman (SFU); 7 Natasha Lalonde (SFU); 8 Katie Grudzinski (Burnaby Lake); 9 Christina Burnham (SFU); 10 Julia Sugawara (Burnaby Lake); 11 Ciara Malone (Meraloma); 12 Devon Luca (Burnaby Lake); 13 Kasia Laczny (SFU); 14 Megan Banford (SFU); 15 Genevieve Gratton (Burnaby Lake)
16 Iona Schamberger (Burnaby Lake); 17 Lauren Tagg (Burnaby Lake); 18 Francessa Whiffin (Capilano); 19 Rose Watts (Capilano); 20 Brianne McIntosh (Capilano); 21 Shelby Sloan (Meraloma)
Head Coach Walt Brandl; Assistant Coach Maria Gallo; Assistant Coach Corinne Jacobsen; Manager Erin Agostini

Match Officials
Referee Mark Mayhew; AR Graham Stone; AR Matt Gullen



Fraser Valley U20 Men
1 Kjell Hope (UVic / Surrey); 2 Jacob Collins (United); 3 Liam Beaulieu (Bayside); 4 Brandon Donnelly (United); 5 JD Paul (Abbotsford); 6 Tanner Salliken (Abbotsford); 7 Blake Chernoff (United); 8 Dan Lee (Bayside); 9 Brandon LeMoignan (Bayside); 10 Connor Hunter (Abbotsford); 11 Aaron Solomonsz (Surrey); 12 Sebastian Gibson (Abbotsford); 13 Iliesa Draunimasi (United); 14 Bryce Hewko (Abbotsford); 15 Robert Jones (Bayside)
16 Ryan March (Abbotsford); 17 PJ Retief (Abbotsford); 18 Jared Soll (United); 19 Nathaniel Silva (Surrey); 20 Jean Koorsten (United); 21 Spencer Miller (Abbotsford); 22 Brad Webber (Abbotsford)
Head Coach Harry Toews; Assistant Coach Stu Crowley; Manager Ryan McWhinney

Vancouver U20 Men
1 Ryan Chapman (Vancouver Rowing Club); 2 Nolan Laderoute (Vancouver Rowing Club); 3 Jason Galbraith (Meraloma); 4 Kirk Bonnis (UBC); 5 Nicholas Huen (Capilano); 6 Connor Weyell (UBC); 7 Ben Keith (Vancouver Rowing Club); 8 Jordan Reid-Harvey (Capilano); 9 Ryan Mills (UBCOB Ravens); 10 Brian Murphy (Burnaby Lake); 11 Jon Courville (UBC); 12 Cully Quirke (UBC); 13 Scyler Dumas (Vancouver Rowing Club); 14 Santiago Luna (Capilano); 15 Lucas Martin (Capilano)
16 Rowan Baker (Capilano); 17 Dylan Kieselbach (UBC); 18 Doug Delmonico (UBCOB Ravens); 19 Quinn Cowie-Germaine (Vancouver Rowing Club); 20 Rafael Malcolm (UBC); 21 Austin Karius (Capilano); 22 Coltan Webster (Capilano)
Head Coach Curry Hitchborn; Assistant Coach Rameses Langston; Manager Connie McGinley

Match Officials
Referee Saro Turner; AR Sherry Trumbull; AR Scott Johnson



Fraser Valley Senior Men
1 Anthony Luca (Burnaby Lake); 2 Micha Govorchin (Burnaby Lake); 3 Andrew Lackner (Burnaby Lake); 4 Aaron Flagg (Abbotsford); 5 Gurvinder Kalar (Bayside); 6 Craig McLaughlin (Burnaby Lake); 7 Richard Pearce (Langley); 8 Leland Helm (Abbotsford); 9 Cody Rockson (Bayside); 10 Alec Douglas (Burnaby Lake); 11 Rob Hughes (Ridge Meadows); 12 Chris Chalmers (Abbotsford); 13 Barry Bonnell (Burnaby Lake); 14 Matt Alexander (Burnaby Lake); 15 Konrad Rybkowski (Abbotsford)
16 Preston Petrovich (Burnaby Lake); 17 Ryan Ackerman (Burnaby Lake); 18 Jake Buskell (Abbotsford); 19 Josh Fereria (Burnaby Lake); 20 Ryan Shams (Richmond); 21 Stu Morrison (Langley); 22 Adam Timmler (Bayside)
Head Coach Kris de Scossa; Coach Rob Verrelli; Coach Mike Devlin

Vancouver Senior Men
1 Garrett Garbe (UBCOB Ravens); 2 Karl Renner (Capilano); 3 Eric Harland (Meraloma); 4 Jonathan Hill (UBCOB Ravens); 5 David Balcon (UBCOB Ravens); 6 Sam Clark (Meraloma); 7 Nick Waggott (UBCOB Ravens); 8 Garner Lea (UBCOB Ravens); 9 Chris Robinson (Capilano); 10 Mike Hall (Meraloma); 11 Kevin Gurniak (Vancouver Rowing Club); 12 Benz Henrikson (UBCOB Ravens); 13 Ty Jolly (Meraloma); 14 Graeme Minty (UBCOB Ravens); 15 Justin Law (UBCOB Ravens)
16 Dimitri Gotsopoulos (UBCOB Ravens); 17 Malcolm Brodie (Capilano); 19 Scott McGinley (Meraloma); 20 Anton Kryachok (Meraloma); 21 David Brammall (Meraloma)
Head Coach - Mario Domingues; Manager - Connie McGinley

Match Officials
Referee Dave Smortchevsky; AR Sherry Trumbull; AR Scott Johnson


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