Rosters announced for BC Rugby Cups Competitions round two in Abbotsford
Vancouver Island versus Fraser Valley at Exhibition Park
Published Friday, February 1, 2013
by Andrew Smith, BC Rugby Communications

clientuploads/-Photos_NewsandEvent_Articles/REP Rugby/Cups Competitions/WEB-Fergus-Hall-Island-Tide-v-Vancouver-Jan-26-2013.jpgFergus Hall will start at no. 10 for Vancouver Island U20s on Saturday - Glenn Ivens photo (Gallery Link)

ABBOTSFORD - Round two of the 2013 BC Rugby Cups Competitions kicks off at 11:00am on Saturday morning with the Vancouver Island Rugby Union senior women's team facing off against the Fraser Valley Rugby Union. The Island Tide will be looking to clinch both the women's Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup and the senior men's McKechnie Cup with their teams having defeated Vancouver at Westhills Stadium last weekend. The Island U20 men will look to bounce back after narrowly losing out in a 34-27 nail biter to Vancouver.

Round three is scheduled for February 16th with Vancouver hosting the Fraser Valley in a triple header at Stanley Park's Brockton Oval.

BC Rugby Cups Competitions - Sat. February 2nd:
11:00am: Ruth Hellerud-Brown Cup (Sr Women) - Vancouver Island at Fraser Valley
12:45pm: Dunbar Keg (U20 Men) - Vancouver Island at Fraser Valley
2:30pm: McKechnie Cup (Sr Men) - Vancouver Island at Fraser Valley
Location: Exhibition Park (Corner of Tretheway St and MacLure Rd, Abbotsford)



Vancouver Island Senior Women
1 Sherry Spence (Cowichan); 2 Melissa Robinson (UVic Vikes); 3 Desseray McClary (Nanaimo); 4 Carmen Sund (Velox RFC); 5 Caitlyn Harvey (UVic VIkes); 6 Kelsey Oetting (Velox RFC); 7 Laura Crowe-Hutchon (UVic Vikes); 8 Britta Peterson (Nanaimo); 9 Kehla Guimond (UVic Vikes); 10 Sam Kreeger (Comox Kickers); 11 Kara Galbraith (UVic Vikes); 12 Sam Robb (Velox RFC): 13 Brenna Collicutt (Nanaimo); 14 Taylor Reidlinger (UVic Vikes); 15 Lynzi Anderson (Velox RFC)
16 Brittany Sims (Velox RFC); 17 Kylie Turner (Nanaimo); 18 Jenna Roy (Nanaimo); 19 Molly Florian (Velox RFC); 20 Alya Govorchin (UVic Vikes); 21 Arlene McGuff (Nanaimo); 22 Stacey Collison (Cowichan)
Head Coach Brad Skene; Coach Anna Schnell; Manager Aimee Burley

Fraser Valley Senior Women
1 Robin Chrosciewicz (Bayside); 2 Sonya Foulds (Abbotsford); 3 Cynthia Chang (United); 4 Laura Foreman (Bayside); 5 Meagan Chambers (Abbotsford); 6 Jozefina Kola (United); 7 Crystal 'Pixie' Nikola (United); 8 Kimberly Stockman (United); 9 Elyssa Phillipson (Abbotsford); 10 Shannon Craig (United); 11 Alicia Guerin (United); 12 Tanya Leigh (Bayside); 13 Jodie 'Buffy' Cornell (Bayside); 14 Rachel Craig (Bayside); 15 Emily Young (Kamloops)
16 Kayla Van Veld (Abbotsford); 17 Nicole Lyons (United); 18 Elysia Saundry (United); 19 Shay Paterson (Abbotsford); 20 Yuka Kubota (Abbotsford); 21 Yvonne Lai (United); 22 Lisa O'Neill (United); 23 Tenaia Gatland (Bayside)
Coach Steph Murphy; Coach Kyle Ferguson; Manager Jen Ross

Match Officials
Leon Britz, Toby Mustill, Nia Parsonage



Vancouver Island U20 Men
1 Zilkey Ryker (UVic Vikes); 2 Jon Lorimer (UVic Vikes); 3 MacBryan Bos (UVic Vikes); 4 Matt Sutherland (UVic Vikes); 5 Reid Tucker (UVic Vikes); 6 Isaac Kaay (UVic Vikes); 7 Jeff Nishima-Miller (UVic Vikes); 8 Robbie Anderson (UVic Vikes); 9 James Pitblado (UVic Vikes); 10 Fergus Hall (UVic Vikes); 11 Brandon Harrison (James Bay); 12 Oliver Winser (UVic Vikes); 13 Nathan Yanagiya (UVic Vikes); 14 Crosby Stewart (James Bay); 15 Evan Seale (Castaway Wanderers);
16 Matt Lilly (Velox RFC); 17 Rick Bown (Velox RFC); 18 Charles Kijek (Velox RFC); 19 Mike Harvey (UVic Vikes); 20 Takeshi Barnes (James Bay); 21 Joe Erlic (UVic Vikes); 22 Hunter Lloyd (UVic Vikes); 23 Chris Morberg (Velox RFC)
Head Coach Winston Stanely; Manager John Lyall

Fraser Valley U20 Men
1 Kjell Hope (UVic Vikes / Surrey); 2 Jacob Collins (United); 3 Liam Beaulieu (Bayside); 4 PJ Retief (Abbotsford); 5 Tanner Salliken (Abbotsford); 6 JD Paul (Abbotsford); 7 Blake Chernoff (United); 8 Dan Lee (Bayside); 9 Brandon LeMoignan (Bayside); 10 Connor Hunter (Abbotsford); 11 Nathaniel Silva (Surrey); 12 Sebastian Gibson (Abbotsford); 13 Iliesa Draunimasi (United); 14 Robert Jones (Bayside); 15 Bryce Hewko (Abbotsford)
16 Brandon Donnelly (United); 17 Aaron Solomonz (Surrey); 18 Brad Webber (Abbotsford); 19 Justin Vargas (Abbotsford); 20 Tyson Appeldoorn (Abbotsford); 21 Jean Koorsten (United)
Head Coach Harry Toews; Coach Stu Crowley; Manager Ryan McWhinney

Match Officials
Mike Jones, Toby Mustill, Nia Parsonage



Vancouver Island Senior Men
1 Cole Jacine (James Bay); 2 Casey Reed (UVic VIkes); 3 Cody McClary (Port Alberni); 4 Gord Kehoe (Castaway Wanderers); 5 Jim de Goede (James Bay); 6 Riley Ilnicki (Castaway Wanderers); 7 Drew Langer (UVic Vikes); 8 Dustin Dobravsky (UVic Vikes); 9 Joe van Heerden (Castaway Wanderers); 10 Konraad Nikkel (Comox Kickers); 11 Luke McCloskey (UVic Vikes); 12 Doug Fraser (UVic Vikes); 13 Mike Fuailefau (Castaway Wanderers); 14 Johnny Morris (Castaway Wanderers); 15 Pat Kay (UVic Vikes)
16 Noah Barker (James Bay); 17 Clayton Thornber (Castaway Wanderers); 18 Liam Chisholm (UVic VIkes); 19 Scott Franklin (Castaway Wanderers); 20 Tod Daradics (Port Alberni); 21 Kapi Vataiki (UVic Vikes); 22 Jamie MacKenzie (UVic Vikes)
Coach Kenny Goodland; Coach Roger Robinson; Manager Hans De Goede 

Fraser Valley Senior Men
1 Anthony Luca (Burnaby Lake); 2 Micha Govorchin (Burnaby Lake); 3 Andrew Lackner (Burnaby Lake); 4 Aaron Flagg (Abbotsford); 5 Gurvinder Kalar (Bayside); 6 Richard Pearce (Langley); 7 Craig McLaughlin (Burnaby Lake); 8 Leland Helm (Abbotsford); 9 Cody Rockson (Bayside); 10 Alec Douglas (Burnaby Lake); 11 Rob Hughes (Ridge Meadows); 12 Chris Chalmers (Abbotsford); 13 Barry Bonnell (Burnaby Lake); 14 Dan Dixon (Bayside); 15 Conrad Rybkowski (Abbotsford)
16 Preston Petrovich (Burnaby Lake); 17 Brent Bradbury (Abbotsford); 18 Jake Buskell (Abbotsford); 19 Gord Alliksaar (United); 20 Ryan Shams (Richmond); 21 Stu Morrison (Langley) 22 Richard Sison (Richmond)
Coach Kris de Scossa; Manager Jim Ryan

Match Officials
Sherry Trumbull, Chris Assmus, Mike Jones


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