B2GOLD PRcs Day Two Results
Published Saturday, July 7, 2012
by Andrew Smith, BC Rugby Communications

VANCOUVER - Day two of the 2012 B2Gold Provincial Regional Championships wrapped up at UBC on Saturday with another 21 matches played out. Three Fraser Valley teams remain undefeated in this year's PRCs as the Fraser Valley U18 women advance to Sunday's final and the Fraser Valley West U16 and U18 men's teams remain undefeated with 4-0 records. Vancouver's U18 men are currently at 4-0 as are Vancouver North U16s who are still on course to challenge the Fraser Valley teams for titles.


In the Women's U18 division, Fraser Valley wrapped up the pool rounds undefeated with a perfect 4-0 record. The reigning U18 women's champions will play Vancouver Island - who went 3-1 - in Sunday's provincial final at 12:10pm. Fraser Valley Development (2-2), Thompson Okanagan (1-3) and Vancouver (0-4) will compete in Sunday's round-robin consolation finals which kick off at 8:00am.

U18 Women - Friday, July 6th:
Vancouver 7 - 14 Fraser Valley Dev.
Fraser Valley 17 - 7 Vancouver Island
Vancouver 12 - 17 Thompson Okanagan
Fraser Valley Dev. 0 - 19 Vancouver Island
Fraser Valley 56 - 0 Thompson Okanagan

Saturday, July 7th:
Fraser Valley 30-0 Fraser Valley Dev.
Thompson Okanagan 7-20 Vancouver Island
Vancouver 10-20 Fraser Valley
Fraser Valley Dev. 14-0 Thompson Okanagan
Vancouver 0-6 Vancouver Island

Current standings:
20 pts (4-0) Fraser Valley
14 pts (3-1) Vancouver island
8 pts (2-2) Fraser Valley Development
5 pts (1-3) Thompson Okanagan
3 pts (0-4) Vancouver

Sunday, July 8th:
8:00am Placement 3 (Fraser Valley Dev) vs 5 (Vancouver)
10:30am Placement 5 (Vancouver) vs 4 (Thompson Okanagan)
12:10pm Final Placement 1 (Fraser Valley) vs 2 (Van Island)
1:00pm Placement 4 (Thompson Okanagan) vs 3 (Fraser Valley Dev)


In the Men's U18 division, Fraser Valley West are currently topping the standings with a perfect 4-0 record and four bonus points for a total of 20 points. Close behind at 19 points is 4-0 Vancouver who wrapped up Saturday's matches with a convincing 46-5 win over Fraser Valley Central. Vancouver and Fraser Valley West will collide tomorrow at 11:20am in a match that could decide this year's provincial champion.

Also looking strong with 15 points and still in the hunt with a 3-1 record is Vancouver Island South who posted two wins on Saturday. The South Island Tide defeated Fraser Valley East 19-7 and defeated Island rivals the North Island Tsunami 28-12.

U18 Men - Friday, July 6th:
Fraser Valley East 29(+1) - 5 Vancouver Island North
Vancouver Island South 7 - 15 Vancouver
Fraser Valley Central 17(+1) - 12(+1) Cariboo
Fraser Valley West 27(+1) - 5 Vancouver Island North
Vancouver Island South 26(+1) - 10 Fraser Valley Central
Vancouver 44(+1) - 5 Cariboo
Fraser Valley West 34(+1) - 10 Fraser Valley East

Saturday, July 7th:
Fraser Valley West 31-5 Cariboo
Vancouver 32-5 Vancouver Island North
Vancouver Island South 19-7 Fraser Valley East
Fraser Valley West 31-5 Fraser Valley Central
Vancouver Island South 28-12 Vancouver Island North
Fraser Valley East 31-14 Cariboo
Fraser Valley Central 5-46 Vancouver

Current standings:
20 pts (4-0) Fraser Valley West
19 pts (4-0) Vancouver
15 pts (3-1) Vancouver Island South
10 pts (2-2) Fraser Valley East
5 pts (1-3) Fraser Valley Central
1 pt (0-4) Cariboo
0 pts (0-4) Vancouver Island North

Sunday, July 8th
8:50am Vancouver Island South vs Cariboo
8:50am Vancouver vs Fraser Valley East
9:40am Vancouver Island North vs Fraser Valley Central
11:20am Fraser Valley West vs Vancouver
11:20am Fraser Valley East vs Fraser Valley Central
12:10pm Vancouver Island North vs Cariboo
2:00pm Fraser Valley West vs Vancouver Island South


In the U16 Men's divison, Vancouver North and Fraser Valley West both head into Sunday with perfect 4-0 records and are set to clash at 10:30 am tomorrow. Keeping close behind with 3-1 records are Vancouver Island North and Vancouver West.

U16 Men - Friday, July 6th:
Vancouver Island South 41(+1) - 0 Vancouver East
Vancouver North 14 - 7(+1) Vancouver West
Fraser Valley West 13 - 5 Fraser Valley Central
Vancouver Island North 60(+1) - 0 Vancouver East
Vancouver West 17 - 5 Thompson Okanagan
Fraser Valley East 58(+1) - 10 Fraser Valley Central
Vancouver Island South 3 - 31(+1) Vancouver Island North
Vancouver North 46(+1) - 0 Thompson Okanagan
Fraser Valley West 41(+1) - 5 Fraser Valley East

Saturday, July 7th:
Vancouver Island South 0 - 15 Fraser Valley Central
Vancouver North 67-0 Vancouver East
Fraser Valley West 32-0- Thompson Okanagan
Vancouver West 33-10 Vancouver Island South
Fraser Valley East 5-22 Vancouver North
Vancouver Island North 14-15 Fraser Valley West
Vancouver West 17-0 Fraser Valley Central
Fraser Valley East 53-0 Vancouver East
Vancouver Island North 31-5 Thompson Okanagan

Current standings:
19 pts (4-0) Vancouver North
19 pts (4-0) Fraser Valley West
16 pts (3-1) Vancouver Island North
16 pts (3-1) Vancouver West
10 pts (2-2) Fraser Valley East
5 pts (1-3) Fraser Valley Central
5 pts (1-3) Vancouver Island South
0 pts (0-4) Thompson Okanagan
0 pts (0-4) Vancouver East

Sunday, July 8th:
8:00am Vancouver Island South vs Fraser Valley West
8:00am Fraser Valley East vs Vancouver West
8:50am Fraser Valley Central vs Thompson Okanagan
10:30am Fraser Valley West vs Vancouver North
10:30am Vancouver West vs Vancouver Island North
11:20am Thompson Okanagan vs Vancouver East
1:20pm Vancouver Island South vs Vancouver North
1:20pm Fraser Valley East vs Vancouver Island North
1:50pm Fraser Valley Central vs Vancouver East


PRCs Referees:
Chris Assmus (VIRRS); Ashley Anderson  (VIRRS); Leon Britz  (FVRRS); John Buxcey  (VIRRS); Kyle Ferguson (FVRRS); Matt Gullen (FVRRS); Graham Haigh  (FVRRS); Ryan Jacobs (FVRRS); Scott Johnson (FVRRS); Michael Jones (FVRRS); Toby Mustil (FVRRS); Nia Parsonage (FVRRS); Dave Pue  (FVRRS); Drew Sagar (FVRRS)


Thanks to official PRCs partner Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.


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