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Rugby in Kelowna; Summer schedule from CORE
Published Thursday, June 7, 2012
by Doug Manning, CORE

KELOWNA - The Central Okanagan Rugby Enthusiasts (CORE), an organization dedicated to growing rugby in the Okanagan has released their full summer schedule. A series of All-Star games for the U18 Boys and Girls and U16 Boys teams are underway on Thursday afternoon, followed by the 30th Annual Ensign Cup on Saturday, June 9th.

A key date to mark on the calendar will be games against touring side Monmouth School from Wales on July 19th. The Central Okanagan U18s will play Monmouth School II at 3:00pm, and at 4:30pm the Kelowna Crows U19s will play the Monmouth School I at 4:30pm. Both games are set to take place at City Park.

June 7
U18 Boys Top 40 All-Star Game, 3:00 PM (Parkinson)
U18 Girls Top 20 All-Star Sevens Game, 4:00 PM (Parkinson)
U16 Boys Top 40 All-Star Game, 4:30 PM (Parkinson)

June 9       
30th Annual Ensign Cup Over 30's vs Under-30's, 4:00 PM (City Park)
U14 Boys BC Summer Games Tryouts, 8:00 AM (Parkinson)
U16/U18 Boys PRC Tryouts, 10:00 AM (Parkinson)

June 10       
U17 Girls BC Summer Games Tryouts, 10:00 AM (Kelowna Secondary)

June 16       
Penticton @ Kelowna Crows Thirds, 1:00 PM

June 17       
Crows Mini-Rugby Wrap-Up, 10:00 AM (Parkinson)

June 30       
U14 Boys BC Tryouts, 2:30 PM (Parkinson)

July 9       
Adult Touch Rugby League Starts, 6:00 PM (Springvalley School)

July 19       
Monmouth School I (Wales) vs Crows U19's, 4:30 PM (City Park)
Monmouth School II (Wales) vs Central Okanagan U18's, 3:00 PM (City Park)

Aug. 9/10   
U12 Touch Rugby Camps, 10:00 AM (Parkinson)

Aug. 810   
U14/U16/U18 Sevens Full-Day Camps, 9:00 AM (Parkinson)

Aug. 1317   
U14/U16/U18 15's Full-Day Camps, 9:00 AM (Parkinson)

Aug. 13       
Adult Touch Rugby Finals, 6:00 PM (Springvalley School)

Aug. 18/19   
Kelowna Crows Liftspan Sevens and 10's Tournament (Parkinson)

Aug. 23       
Rugby Man/Rugby Woman Competition, 6:00 PM (Global Fitness)


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