Fundraiser and cleat drive culminate in eye-opening Thailand visit
Published Tuesday, January 3, 2012 5:00 am
by Jess Neilson

first hand or that perhaps it does not truly exist. Well let me say, that it really does.

I cannot imagine how devastating the floods just a few weeks ago would have been to these families.  In the pictures one can see the water underneath the pathways.  According to Sopo, that water was not there just a few months ago, but then the height rose to 2 metres.  Most kids were in school when we visited because the delays the floods caused to the school system have forced all Thai schools to be open on weekends for classes. However, we met some of the parents whose kids are involved in Nak Suu and they were delighted to see Sopo's and Bonds' faces, as well as happy to meet my family and me. It was lovely to see. (Bond is a Nak Suu mentor and leader.)

Later on, we went to another community down the road where we walked around again and this time got to meet some kids who had just arrived home from school. They were all very happy and pleasant.  One little adorable girl, was so shy but couldn't stop smiling.  By the end of our visit, she had opened up to us a little more. After, we drove to the local school beside the temple where we were treated to seeing a music class practicing traditional Thai music and met some more kids involved with Nak Suu.

I wasn't able to hand out the cleats as Nak Suu was finished for 2011, however I know the cleats will be handed out and I will be told when this happens. It was an experience the majority of people will never get to enjoy and I'm so happy I was able to at such a young age. Seeing where these kids live is an experience which has changed my life for the better; it makes me want to help even more, so don't expect my efforts with Nak Suu to wither away, it's only beginning!

Also being able to witness the effect Nak Suu has on these kids' lives is incredible, it's nice to know that I'm not just collecting for a charity and shipping the items off to ‘who knows where’. Overall, I want to thank everyone who helped spread the word and donated either cleats or cash. This could not have been even remotely successful without your help and support.  

‘Til next time,
Jess Neilson

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