Referee Abuse


1.  Verbal or physical abuse of a match official by a player in the playing enclosure during or immediately following a game will be dealt with by the issuing of a red card.  The range of sanctions, as approved by the IRB, are to be found in the BCRU "Crimes Sheet", posted on the BC Rugby website.

2.  Verbal or physical abuse of a match official by non-playing members of a club during or following a match.
2.1.  A written report or verbal of physical abuse shall be forwarded by the referee to reach the BCRU office within 48 hours of the incident.  Separate written reports shall be filed by touch judges (when these have been allocated) within the same timeline.
2.2.  Upon receipt of such a report, the Chair of the Discipline Committee shall appoint an Investigation Committee consisting of the DC Chair (or delegate), another member of the DC, and the President of the BCRRS (or delegate).
2.3. The Investigation Committee shall review the written reports of the match officials, interview the match officials as necessary and consider any other factors it deems relevant.
2.4. The Investigation Committee will hold a meeting to hear and consider evidence and submissions from the Club and/or individuals (or representatives) named in the report. This will be considered the hearing of the incident.
2.5. The Investigation Committee will submit a written report, including recommended disciplinary sanctions, to the Discipline Committee.  At this time, all persons and clubs named in the report, and the match officials, will be given copies of the Investigation Committee’s report.
2.6. The Discipline Committee shall review the report at its next regular meeting.  It may endorse, amend or reject all or part of the sanctions recommended in the Investigation Committee’s Report.
2.7.  Sanctions for a Club found guilty of referee abuse include:
  • A requirement to appoint a Game Marshall
  • A written apology to the match officials,
  • A probationary period of 24 months.

2.8. The Discipline Committee shall inform the Club of its decision, with a copy to the match officials.

2.9 A repeat offence within the probationary period shall result in:
  • The posting of a $1000 behavior bond with the BCRU
  • Other disciplinary sanctions up to and including suspension from the BCRU.


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