Harrassment Policy


1.        Definition of Harrassment 

1.1.  Harassment is behaviour, conduct or gestures which is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious or otherwise offensive to an individual or group or which creates an uncomfortable environment, or which might reasonably be expected to cause embarrassment, insecurity, discomfort, offense or humiliation to another person or group.
2.       Policy Coverage
2.1.  Harassment will not be tolerated within the jurisdiction of the British Columbia Rugby Union.   
2.2.  All sub-unions and member clubs of the BCRU shall formally adopt this Harassment Policy and provide proof of such adoption to the BCRU.
3.       Who is Covered 
3.1.   This policy pertains to all employees, officers, directors, coaches, athletes, officials, volunteers and other members of the British Columbia Rugby Union.
4.        Filing a Complaint
4.1.  If any member of the British Columbia Rugby Union feels he/she has been subject to harassment, as defined by this policy, he/she is encouraged to submit his/her concerns in writing to either the President or the Executive Director of the British Columbia Rugby Union.
 5.     Investigation of a Complaint
5.1.  An investigation of a complaint will be conducted by an Investigation Committee composed of the Vice-President and the Executive Director of the British Columbia Rugby Union.  If either of the above is involved in the complaint another member of the Board of the British Columbia Rugby Union will be appointed to take his/her place on the Investigation Committee.
5.2.  If, in the view of the Investigation Committee, the complaint would be best handled by an outside Investigator, such a person shall be appointed by the President of the British Columbia Rugby Union.
6.        Report of the Investigation Committee
6.1.  If the Investigation Committee finds that the complaint is valid, a written report including a recommendation for discipline shall be forwarded to the BCRU Discipline Committee for review to assure that all people involved in the case received a fair hearing.
6.2.  The BCRU Discipline Committee will have the option of accepting the recommendations as put forth by the Investigation Committee, amending the recommendation, or rejecting the recommendation.
6.3.  The complainant, and others directly involved in the case, shall receive a written report from the BCRU Discipline Committee after it has completed its review of the Investigation Committee Report.
7.       Appeal
7.1.  If the complainant, or the accused, feels that he/she did not receive a fair hearing and/or disagrees with the recommendations of Investigation Committee and the BCRU Discipline Committee, then he/she may file a notice of appeal and request a hearing with the full Board of the British Columbia Rugby Union excluding those members previously involved in the case.
 8.       Review
 8.1.   This policy shall be reviewed by the BCRU Discipline Committee and the Executive Director on a regular basis, who shall make recommendations for, to the BCRU Board of Directors.
 9.      Approval
9.1.   This policy has been approved by the BCRU Board of Directors at the AGM on the 23rd day of June, 2001.
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