Code of Conduct


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1. Background

1.1.The BCRU Code of Conduct has been developed to meet the requirements of the Provincial Sports Organization Block Funding Program, and in response to requests from players, coaches, officials and administrators. The Code of Conduct shall be published periodically in the BCRU newsletter for information of all members.

2.Application & Jurisdiction

2.1.The Code of Conduct applies to all registered members of the BCRU namely: sub-unions, clubs and individuals participating as players, coaches, officials and administrators including all sponsored BCRU groups and provincial representative teams and training groups, here and after referred to as members.

2.2. All sub-unions and member clubs of the BCRU shall formally adopt this Code of Conduct and provide proof of such adoption to the BCRU.

3.Conduct of Members

3.1.Members of the BCRU shall maintain a high standard of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control and responsible behaviour, consideration for the physical and emotional well-being of others and good manners on the field and in public places where BCRU sponsored events are being held and while traveling to and from such places.

3.2.Members of the BCRU have a responsibility for the behaviour of their supporters while attending BCRU sponsored events.

3.3.Members of the BCRU shall abstain from the use of illegal drugs and the immoderate use of alcohol.

3.4.No member of BCRU groups shall commit a criminal offense while engaged in a BCRU competition or activity.


4.1.Any complaints, except for reports from referees arising from incidents occurring within the playing enclosure, concerning a violation or breach of this Code of Conduct by a member shall be delivered in writing to the Chair of the Discipline Committee.

 4.2.All complaints shall be dealt with by the Discipline Committee, but nothing herein stops a member club from undertaking its own investigation of alleged misconduct, and from imposing its own sanctions where appropriate on its own members.

 4.3. Any member club or sub-union of the BCRU suspending a member for disciplinary or other reason must inform the BCRU office in writing immediately after such a suspension.

5.Disciplinary Action

 5.1.If any member of the BCRU fails to comply with this Code of Conduct within or outside of the playing enclosure, the member may be subject to disciplinary action which may include reprimand, suspension or expulsion from the BCRU.

 5.2.Any disciplinary action shall be dealt with pursuant to the International Rugby Board Guidelines for Discipline which are hereby incorporated into this Code of Conduct.


6.Revision & Approval

 6.1.This policy shall be reviewed by the BCRU Discipline Committee and the Chief Executive Officer on a regular basis, who may recommend revisions to the BCRU Board of Directors.

             6.2.This policy was approved by the BCRU Board of Directors on the 24th day of September, 2012.


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