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The BC Rugby Union Club SPIRIT Award (CSA) is a recognition program for clubs that achieve progressive levels of success in developing as an organization. The CSA is a compilation of international best practices put together to support clubs growing in self-awareness, building achievable strategic plans, and carrying out specific actions as the means to sustainable growth.

The CSA has resources aimed at four key areas in club development: 

Using CSA Resources and Templates
The CSA resources and templates require Word and Adobe Reader to use. Files should be downloaded from the website to user desktops, then filled and completed as copies on the local drive. Editing the original file straight from download may result in loss of data.

At any time, when seeking a specific resource, users may refer to the CS5 Framework file to locate the best practice that fits the intended purpose, and the corresponding form to download. To use the CSA as a complete package, users can generally follow sequentially top-down starting with the general Club Spirit Award files (CS), and then progressing through files in Club Management (CM), Activity Programs (AP), Club & Community (CC), and Welfare (W). All files are numbered in approximately the order in which they would be called upon for use. Note however, some files are numbered but do not necessarily have a sequential order. Users should contact the Rugby Development Officer of their respective region for any questions related to CSA.

Vancouver Island & Northern BC - Tony LaCarte 1(250)661-4869
Vancouver & Fraser Valley - Conan Cooper 1(604)314-3111

Standard CSA Planning Process
CSA information bulletin, and initial forms and worksheets are located in the step-wise links below.  Resources for other key priorities are located on the respective pages linked above.

  1. CS1 Start Here covers background and overall program aims and outcomes.  After reviewing CS1, start with form CS2 Initial Assessment to identify current best practices. The full list of best practices, grades, and benefits is contained in CS3 Framework. The club member responsible for completion of the CSA should contact the BC Rugby Union Rugby Development Officer after completing form CS2 to obtain an official initial grading.  CS4 Making the Most and CS5 Incentives list the benefits and utility of achieving progressive levels of grading.

  2. The next step is to proceed with forms CM1 Club Governance Model and CM2 Management Checklist from the Club Management link above.  Job descriptions for each Executive position are also provided to support clubs in providing role clarity.

  3. With club leadership in place, the Executive or a Committee should complete form CM3 Club Development Planning: Vision-Values- Missioning and SWOT analysis.  See form CM11 Committee Terms of Reference for suggestion on defining the role and purpose of a subcommittee.

  4. After establishment of an annual action plan, working with their BC Rugby Development Officer, clubs can implement the other sections of the CSA: Activity Programs, Club & Community, and Welfare.  Each key priority falls under the purview of specific appointed or elected members of the club, e.g. Director of Rugby, School & Volunteer Liaison, and Welfare Officer, respectively.
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